Zenyatta in the Show

Zenyatta fever has created an interest in this year’s Breeders’ Cup unlike anything the BC has seen before. The famous wonder horse has been all over television; she had an appearance on 60 Minutes, and footage of her police car escort from the airport to her barn at Churchill Downs was even shown on ESPN. While the Breeders’ Cup Classic marks the end of her career, fans are just starting to get revved up.

The big question that remains for horse racing enthusiasts is this: what lasting impact will Zenyatta have on the sport of kings, if any? Many people believe that horse racing is archaic. Zenyatta’s sudden fame has attracted a much younger demographic, will these people remain horse racing fans after Lady Z is retired and sent out to the stud pastures?

She has done a lot for the sport, and odds are, she will be the overwhelming sentimental favorite in addition to being the betting public’s favorite. If Zenyatta wins, she will not pay much. But win or lose, the attention that she has brought to the Breeders’ Cup has done nothing but good for the sport. Let’s hope that these good things are lasting.