Zenyatta Brings a Foal

Zenyatta, the 2010 Horse of the Year award winner, recently gave birth to a 130 pound foal on Thursday, March 8th. The newborn horse is a colt, with a white star on its forehead just like his mother. Zenyatta was bred with Bernardini in what was one of the most highly publicized and anticipated new foals in the recent past. Zenyatta, amassed an impressive 19-1-0 record over her career, just narrowly missing the record for longest competitive undefeated streaks within the modern thoroughbred racing world.

According to reports, both Zenyatta and the newborn foal are doing well. Zenyatta’s owners, the Moss family, said that Zenyatta is doing a great job as a mother, and that she is “so proud of her foal.”

If this colt takes after his dam and his sire, the new foal will likely be one of the most competitive racers ever. Zenyatta had a fierce reputation as a racer, even against the male horses. Bernardini was also no slouch on the track. He amassed winnings of over $3 million during his career and had six wins out of his eight starts. He also had a Preakness Stakes victory to his credit back in 2006.

Be on the lookout in three years when this colt becomes eligible for the Kentucky Derby and the rest of the Triple Crown. While there is no telling just how the colt will develop, if his lineage is any indication, he will be a salient factor within these races.