Triple Crown

The Triple Crown consists of the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes. These three races attract racing fans from all over the country and provide some of the largest betting pools in the sport. The Triple Crown is run exclusively by three year old horses. Although these horses are still young, most of them have been racing for at least a year.

There have been a total of eleven Triple Crown horses that have won all three of these events since 1875, the most recent being Affirmed in 1978. Although there has been a decades-long drought for a Triple Crown winner, these races still draw the biggest names in horse racing. The great Secretariat is perhaps the most famous of the Triple Crown winners. He is the sole possessor of two of the three race records at the modern distances (Kentucky Derby and Belmont). The Preakness record, although Secretariat’s time is not officially recognized because of a watch malfunction, is a four way tie between Tank’s Prospect, Louis Quatorze, Curlin, and, of course, Secretariat.

There have been many changes to the individual races over the years. During some years, the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness were even run on the same day. Distances of each race have also been changed. The Triple Crown races, as they exist now, have remained consistent since 1931.

The Kentucky Derby

The Preakness Stakes

The Belmont Stakes

Here is a sneak Peak at the 2011 Kentucky Derby.