Richard Dutrow Licensed Revoked

Richard Dutrow has had his license to train thoroughbreds in New York State revoked for a bare minimum of 10 years. The elite trainer, it was decided, was not practicing his profession in a manner beneficial to the racing industry, according to a unanimous decision by the New York State Racing and Wagering board. Dutrow’s attorney has filed to stay the decision and their case will be presented most likely Monday the 17th.

This is not the first time he has run into trouble. Dutrow has been accused of 64 different rules violations over the years, ranging from small matters to major medication issues. And while Dutrow claims he has never knowingly administered a banned substance to a horse, his own battle with drugs and alcohol is well documented.

The case has been made, some say, in order to make an example of Dutrow. The fact that he has committed so many infractions and has gotten away with them is a blemish on the entire sport. By cracking down on major rule violations, the integrity of the sport can be returned.

Dutrow was the trainer of Big Brown, the 2008 Kentucky Derby winner.