Nyquist Wins!

Nyquist, the 2-1 favorite for this year’s Kentucky Derby, was the victor. He took the lead coming off of the final turn, and then separated himself from the field, winning the 142nd Kentucky Derby. Second place went to Exaggerator, with Gun Runner in third. Mohaymen ended up coming in fourth, just barely edging out Suddenbreakingnews. Danzing Candy, jockeyed by Mike Smith, led most of the race, but fell off the pace at the beginning of the final turn. He finished 15th.

It’s too early to start thinking about a Triple Crown bid, but after American Pharoah won all three legs of it last year, there’s a lot of buzz about it happening again this year. Nyquist has both the speed and endurance to win, but again, it’s way too early to make any sort of prediction about this. Exaggerator, the second place horse, was closing in fast, and over the longer distance of the Belmont Stakes, there’s a good chance that he could win.