BetUs Horse Racing boasts that they have the highest pay out rates, and the biggest selection of wagers, of any online horse racing book. They offer a maximum bet of $5,000 on win bets at the major tracks, an amount that some books will cap their payouts at. They also offer bets that most other books do not, such as parlays. While the pick 3, 4, and 6 are common parlays offered at most tracks, BetUS, in addition to these exotics, has some truly unique parlay wagers. You can choose to link the winners of different races from different tracks. In order to win this bet, all of the conditions must be met. You can link up to twelve horses in this manner, making extraordinary payouts possible. Horse Racing also provides a unique matchup option. By using their sports book, you can bet on two individual horse matchups with classic American sports betting money lines. For example, if Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra were to be in the same race, rather than betting on one to win and one to place, you can bet their fixed money line odds. Zenyatta might be priced at -200, meaning that if you wagered $200, you would see a $100 profit should she win. On the other side of the money line, Rachel might be priced at +170, meaning that a $100 bet would see a $170 profit. This sports betting style of wagering is only available for specified races and horses.

For the serious horse bettor, is a good all-in-one resource. They offer betting on horses, of course, but they also offer news article links, payout information, and even free winning picks. While the site is looking for a profit, they still show bettors where the best overlays, favorites, and carryovers are so that your betting dollars will be as well placed as possible.

A membership has some of the best perks in the industry. Your first deposit receives a 60 percent bonus, there is a 60 percent reload bonus, and you get back 25 percent of the deposits that anyone you refer to BetUS makes. Signup