Horse Betting

There are many options when it comes to where to place your horse racing bets. These race books offer a myriad of wagering choices and perks, so it is important that you know what you will be getting for your investment. Most books offer first time deposit bonuses; or additional money that they put into your account after your initial deposit. From time to time, most will also have reload bonuses, allowing you to get another bonus should you need to deposit more into your account.

In addition to the bonus structure that racing books offer, you need to be aware of their wagering and payout guidelines. In order to protect themselves, books necessarily need to put caps on the amount you may wager and the amount they will pay out should a given bet win. These guidelines are stated on the books’ web site.

If it is different types of bets you want, this may influence your choice of books. The vast majority will have the same types of wagers that you would find at the track. Some books will also offer money line odds on particular horse matchups. These bets are usually found under the sports book pages of the respective site.

Either way, with the options below you will have no problem making your next horse racing wager.