Hit is Big Time

If you are looking to hit it big, Thursday’s card at Belmont should catch your attention. For the second straight day, the Pick Six at Belmont Park went without a winner, resulting in a $128,318 carryover for Thursday. The $33,000 carryover that went into today’s pool attracted enough attention to raise the pool another $171,000 before the track takeout.

Even though there were no winners today, the payout for hitting five of six winners was over $1,000. No one had Mystic City winning in the tenth and last race of the day at the track. Mystic City drew a $15.60 win wager off of a $2 ticket.

This inflated pool will attract enough attention that you can be sure the winning wager will pay off a very large amount. Who knows, if another long shot wins the day during Thursday’s Pick Six, the amount won could be life-changing.